The Solimon Golf Team debuts in Regional Corporate Tour – November 2017

The Corporate Golf Tour consists of six events, of which five are regular phase with the final championship event in Altorreal Golf Club, March 2018. The formats will be divided between individual stableford and fourball, staged at five courses throughout Alicante and Murcia.


Among the participants in the circuit are the Golf Solimón team, staging an inaugural pre-tournament event at Lo Romero Golf, where they were received by the Course Director, Victoriano Jiménez Ingles.   The team is captained by Alex Mclver Arranz, Director of Business Development in Derivados Citricos S.A., accompanied by players Rafael López-Briones Reverte, Salvador López Sánchez, Antonio Arques Martínez, Antonio Murcia Noguera and Juan Martínez Sánchez. Solimon (and international brand Quicklemon) is the leading brand of 100% freshly squeezed lemon juice in Spain which was created and developed by the Murcian company Derivados Citricos S.A.

Derivados Cítricos SA has been one of the most consolidated and most relevant producers in the citrus sector of the Murcia Region for over thirty years.

(Original article in Spanish: La Opinion, Ana Gil