Optimism as the upcoming 2017 Lemon Season is expected to produce higher yields

3 September 2017

Season accentuated by a 30% drop in yield caused by weather conditions in May 2015 affecting fruit setting.

Conclusion of a season qualified as an anomaly and extraordinary.

The upcoming 2016/17 season is expected to entail a significant recovery and return to normalcy. Ailimpo will publish the crop estimate-forecast report at the end of July.

The current Spanish lemon season has concluded with a provisional harvest figure of 802,000 tons, (estimated data to be achieved end of august) which is 30% less than the production figures from two years ago that yielded 1,154,000 tons and reflected Spain’s true productive potential with the nearly 10 million lemon trees planted. As Ailimpo previously forecasted, the drop in crop yield was due to adverse weather conditions throughout 2015.

Spanish lemons around the globe.

These data also reveal that Spain remains the world’s second largest lemon producer behind Argentina and maintains its global bellwether status in fresh lemon exports worldwide, since 4 out of every 10 lemons exported around the globe come from Spain.

Source: Ailimpo